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hello all! welcome to "love is sacrifice", the approved fanlisting for episode 78 of inuyasha, also known as "sango mokushi shite, ONRII YUU." if you're a fan of this episode, feel free to browse around and join!

14 fans (+ 0) & counting, since 07th August 2007!
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just checking…
Apr 17, 2012

hmmm… just checking the site… no new members have joined lately…


On Jun 28, 2012 Budi said:

Essa tal vera ne3o aprende ne9… Ela pacere ter levado um belo fora do pastor e ta ai tentando ataca-lo com mentiras, fui em quem postei esta foto e ne3o ele, ele ne3o esta em “cena” na foto, era o tf3pico de uma brincadeira entre amigos em uma comu e a vera entrou com esse fake dela ai… je1 foi banida de varias comu no orkut e ne3o aprende… essa foto e9 de outro pais e je1 tem pelo menos uns 5 anos que roda na net… e tem gente acreditando que e9 o pastor na foto fazendo sexo…kkkk Vera cristina dor de cutuvelo mata em…

On Jun 29, 2012 Pagidireddy said:

Essa temporada este1 um pouco fraca, te1 bem pericado com a primeira e segunda temporada de digimon, o Adventures e o Zero Two.Pelo menos no quesito de enrolae7e3o bem tambem eles je1 meio que introduziram tudo na temporada passada, ente3o eles tem que ao invez de inventar novas coisas incrementar as antigas, e isso deixa o anime um pouco, como posso dizer, chato!Mesmo assim digimon ainda e9 um cle1ssico e pelo que eu sei pior ne3o pode ficar…

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OH MY. My friend Gina is all about Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Black fanfics… IIIINTERESTING. >:3And I’m sure that plain little Mead appreciates its second chance at shining. :]

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I’ve been getting the error too, and lately fanfiction is starting to really piss me off. It seems as though EVERY time I upload a new chapter, the site starts getting glitches like 10 minutes after where no one can review. That cuts into all the people who would review on my story, and once they get the error, I just know they leave and probably don’t come back. Fanfiction needs to stop the crap with these errors, or at least shut down the site until they are fixed. Kind of sucks knowing that people can go and read without having the review or log in option. A lot of people loose reviews that way.My own thought

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Ok thx 4 everything Luke dude and good luck everyone! I am sure that whichever one of the gazillions of us that entered that wins worked really hard, and good job to them! And everyone, plz remembr that Harry Potter is an epic book and you should read it if you are allowed which I hope u are cuz its epic and now i am getting carried away so peace out while i go lecture meh dad not to let me have any more of his coffee bye guys! -julie, the girl who is hyped up on coffee and <3s HP books

On Jul 28, 2012 buy ultram said:

Same here…it lets me log in for a little while, but then goes down again. It’s really frustrating, although I did manage to update my story. But I don’t know when I’m getting reviews and the story alert didn’t go out. I really hope they fix this soon- Fanfic is bad about site glitches. They’ll run without a hitch for weeks or even months, but then it crashes again.I wish they would work on that.My own thought

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