a demon and a kitten
the best fanfiction about the relationship between kurt (nightcrawler) and kitty (shadowcat) from the x-men, x-men evolution, and wolverine & the x-men universes. cali recommends 65 fanfics in this category:

a reunion of memories by xxkittypryde
PG - romance/angst. after many years of the x-men family finally taking their seperate ways, xavier sent out invitations to have all of his students, old and new, get together for a reunion. when nightcrawler finally arrives, kitty gets to see a side of kurt she had never seen before.

acts of kattrition by fuzzybluelogic
PG-13 - humor/general. someone charged up kurt's hollywood video account. someone must pay. kurt and kitty buddy fic. kinda AU.

beauty and the beast, x-men evolution style by snowfox2
PG-13 - romance/fantasy. a remake of beauty and the beast with kitty and kurt. kitty is pronounced a witch due to her powers and is given to the demon aka nightcrawler as his bride. she scared of him but he's the same old cute kurt only in a new setting

beyond the fur by darkjadedrose
G - romance. kurtty; COMPLETE! kitty avoided any contact with kurt physically, kurt made sure he always wore his inducer around her. can kitty grow to love him for who he is?

bitterblue by lediz
PG - general. a kurtty for the ages. originality was ALWAYS my strong point! now that kitty's figured out her heart (so i've been reading romance, leave me alone), is it too late for her and kurt?

blue by nightcrawler's shadow
PG-13 - general/romance. a collection of kurtty one-shots.

bring love together by thebluefoxtrot a samba
PG-13 - romance/humor. kitty is tired of seeing everyone running around being single when they could happily be with the ones who love them. teaming up with kurt, she'll just have to resolve that.

carol of the bells by neko-chan4
PG - general/romance. [AU/futuristic kurtty] nearly 10 years in the future, kitty finds herself returning to the Institute once more searching for answers & the missing piece in her life. but it's not the professor that holds her answers, but a certain blue 'elf'...

chance and circumstance by steahl
PG - general/romance. (kurt/kitty) sweet and sad...

constellations by kogasgal27
PG-13 - romance/adventure. kurt and kitty had been separated after the explosion, but finally they come together again. pretty much goes along the arc of the series, with more scenes added in and continues on.

dancing in the dark by nightcrawler's shadow
PG-13 - angst/romance. AU: this is the what if story of Kurt and kitty where they are a dark and brooding demon, and a quiet, shy braniac. as they cross paths, their lives will evolve, but there are bound to be a few bumps along the way. kurtty.

day late friend by elvenqueen18
PG-13 - romance/drama. they say love never fails, but is that true if love hadn't been allowed to flourish? after a five-year separation, kurt and kitty are forced to confront old feelings and to discover whether or not it's too late to act on them.

eine romanze für nightcrawler by solitaire
PG - romance. the title means "a romance of nightcrawler"-- and that's exactly what this is.

elf by cafinatedangel13
. takes place while kurt is still trapped on genosha and all he can do to pass the time is think. implied with a giant neon sign kurt/kitty. rating just 'cause it's the one i always use. also make sure you read its untitled sequel!

emotional roller-coaster by niteshayde
PG-13 - general. Kkitty is badly hurt after being attacked- but she wasn't attacked because she's a mutant! the result of this attack is that a promising day gets a lot worse real fast... but maybe it will get better. if only she can live through it..

enjoying life by darkness1
G - general/romance. (kurtty) autumn has come to bayville and two young mutants learn that their friendship is becoming stronger everyday.

got milk? by poohdog
PG - friendship/romance. you STILL drink right from the carton. a late night encounter between two returning xmen turns into a four way conversation about what has happened between leaving xavier's and coming back again. kurtty, oneshot.

he would never change by nightcrawler's shadow
PG - friendship/romance. she knew he would never change. a quick drabble one-shot. kurtty.

holiday spirit by EE's skysong
PG - humor/romance. it's christmas at the mansion, and kurt's powers are going haywire at the same time as he starts to realize he still wants to be more than friends with someone... AU kurtty, last two chapters up!

independence day by mopsylemon
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance/drama.. fireworks, barbeque, and of course, romance. what july 4th would be complete without these ingredients? another kurt/kitty get-together story.

kissing friends by pirates sparrow and turner
PG - romance/drama. friends surprise each other under the mistletoe. kurtty.

kitty's violin by kiki cabou
PG-13 - drama. a story about loss and gain, friendship and love, holding things in, and letting things out.

kurt's turn by captain nightcrawler
PG - hurt/comfort/friendship. everyone else got exposed as a mutant to bayville... why didn't they expose kurt as his blue fuzzy self? well... i wrote my own! and i do intend on completing it! enjoy! kurtty.

kül by kiki cabou
PG-13 - humor/drama. high school craziness-o-rama. jean learns what worries scott. kitty learns how NOT to be a cheerleader. and kurt learns what it truly means to be cool. fairly kurtty. definitely jott.

laptop confessions by neonails
PG-13 - humor/romance. 3rd in NEO storyline. after being offended by kurt and storming off, kitty cools it in her room. a few hours later, a southern belle gives her a good talking to. a li'l but of kurtty fluff in the end.

let them stare by pirates sparrow and turner
G - romance/drama. halloween brings romance to kurt and kitty and an unexpected attack to the xmansion.

living the normal life by queequegg
PG-13 - general/romance. i'm BACK! kitty & kurt trying to get through their last weeks of high school. kt's never easy when you're an x-Men: dealing with natural disaters, powers fritzing, secrets revealed, and don't forget... prom! kurtty-ness

loving you more by amarin rose
PG-13 - romance/drama. pairing: kurt–kitty. summary: it's only now that kurt is with amanda that she realizes the true depths of her feelings for him. but when amanda dumps kurt, can kitty be strong enough not to take advantage of his feelings?

milk by eurgh
PG - humor/romance. i was gonna finish it all! kitty and kurt share a fluffy, cute moment around midnight. what business has she drinking milk right from the carton?

mistletoe by niteshayde
PG - romance. kitty's getting chanukkah presents... from a secret admirer! she thinks she knows who it is, but is she right...?

moment by the moonlight by bluandfuzzy
PG - romance/humor. simple kurtkitty fluffyness in the park. short oneshot. reeeeaaad!

moonlit walk by kaldarbrokenhorn
G - romance. kurt takes a walk to clear his head a week after the chaos apocalypse wrought. kurtty oneshot.

my favorite by beef stew of love
PG - romance/humor. kurt and kitty eat a little too much candy. fluff and stuff

of beast and blade by scribbler
PG-13 - fantasy/action/adventure. (AU) in a distant realm where sorcery and the sword rule, unlikely heroes have been chosen to save their world

operation x by anachia
PG - romance/adventure. kurt and kitty go on a school skiing trip, but sinister goverment plans are a foot. how will the x-men survive now that their secret is out and they're being hunted down? (kurtty ^__^)

over thinking it by cafinatedangel13
PG-13 - romance/general. kurt has been over thinking something that should be simple, and kitty gives him some much needed perspective during their saturday chores. written for unkemptbeauty's kurrty chore challenge.

partners in crime by blueboyfan
PG - humor/romance. a kurt and kitty fic. lots of kurrty madness and practical jokes. it's really good, and if you like kurrty, this is for you. (sorry, not good at summaries.)

parts of a whole by marg hammerman
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. kitty and kurt nurse an attraction but are troubled by the past—specifically, a traumatizing encounter during kitty's early days as an x-man, in which she caught kurt and amanda in a decidedly compromising position. note: don't forget to check out this story's two sequels: a different sameness, and whole into parts!

playing with fire by taekwondodo
NC-17 (rated for sex) - angst/adventure. what do you do when you suddenly realize that your best friend has become something much more than that? kurt and kitty are going to have to figure it out. but why is it sending kurt careening off the deep end and what can kitty do to help?

pretend by ladielazarus
PG-13 - romance/drama. a drabble from a fic challenge. new year's eve at the xmansion causes a friendship to chanage. kittykurt. but kind of kurtamanda, prydewisdom as well

randomness on valentine's day by cindella
PG-13 - humor/romance. oneshot: complete and utter randomness! kurt and kitty wrestling matches, mutant strip poker and mushyness at the end! big kurtty! R&R!

relapse by miss scarlet witch
PG - angst/romance. sky met earth, love met hurt, end met end. she remembers and ponders; destiny can go two ways, we either have them written by someone else or write them ourselves. pryde intends the latter. kitty/kurt one-shot. 1st in wagner's pryde continuum.

shadow and the kat by nightmare
NC-17 (rated for sex and dark themes) - romance/drama. *AU* in a fascist marvel earth, mutants are subject to 'the final solution'. can a freakish young german and an american jewess find peace admist the torment? kurtty. also make sure you read its sequel: circle and the flame!

sie sind schön by olive hue
PG - angst/romance. kurt's worst nightmare becomes a reality, and kitty has to make him see that he's not alone.

so into you by internutter
PG-13 - general. kurt and kitty swap bodies for a day. rated for genderbending and references to nudity.

so out of season by spazzeh
PG - romance. kurt has a brilliant idea, but it's a bit out of season. [kurtty] [oneshot]

some things never change by mother nature
PG - hurt/comfort/romance. a kurt wagner vignette. it seems that no matter where he goes, he cannot escape his fate as an outcast, a freak. can he be shown once and for all where he really belongs? kurt/kitty. feel free to R&R.

something new by rissa5
PG - romance. as christmas comes upon the institute, will kitty finally fall prey to kurt's charms? *kurtty*

soulseeker by 555diana555
R (rated for dark & mature themes!) - general. a terrible fight against a horrible new enemy tests all the x-Men and rogue's soul is the ultimate prize. can she fight through the darkness? can remy, kitty and kurt help her? kurtty, romy and a spattering of other couples.

stalking me by speeddemonrox
PG - romance. oneshot. kitty’s become a stalker, following lance, making notes about his daily life and accidentally uncovering secrets along the way. but what happens when she notices someone stalking her? kurtty

stealing clothes by nightcrawler's shadow
PG-13 - romance/friendship. kitty can't find any pajamas, luckily she knows where kurt keeps his. kurtty.

sweet as by the croc shop
. he wants to feed kitty potato soup and thüringer and krautfleckerl, pizza and chocolate cake and double-decker cheeseburgers with all the fixings. shameless kurtty fluff.

tannenbaum by tonguetripper
G - general. one shot. creamy christmas fluff based on the *friendship* of kitty and kurt. feast and enjoy!

tell tail by therebelflower
PG - romance/general. kitty pryde cannot sleep. oneshot, very short kurtty fic.

the best LAID plans by sumthinelse
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance/drama. challenge from tergon's "demon in the sack" (kurtty).

the coldest winter of our time by little plastic bird
G - general/angst. a snowfall brings more to kitty and kurt than just fun and games. onesided kurtty.

the rogue, the rat, the demon and the cat by white0orchid
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance/humor. get excited! the spirit of love has come to bayville to bring together rogue and remy and kurt and kitty, and she's taking no prisoners! kurtty romy, and lots of sex!

the trouble with tails by inuficcrzy
R - romance/angst. kurt and kitty are playing a game, and something goes horribly wrong.

theories by carefree-luminary
PG - humor/romance. kurt and kitty disscus why brian and meggan always fight.

till there was you by internutter
G - romance. kitty meets kurt in a bunch of different dimensions as well as the one we know and love.

und alles wird fallen, mein kind by mysticvigil
PG - drama/romance. “down will come baby”. kurt is wishing for the past he never had: kitty doesn’t want to mess around with the future. beneath a full moon they both learn a little about family, love, and lullabies. slight kurtty, set after “dark horizon I”.

why, oh why? by neko-chan4
PG-13 - general/humor. it's summer vacation at the school for gifted youngsters... it's only expected that wild pranks, rude wake-up calls in the form of fuzzy blue elves, impromptu pool parties and general insanity should ensue— especially when there are teenage mutants involved.

working without a net by kettricken
PG-13 - drama. a gruesome accident at the institute leaves kitty shaken. kurt/kitty h/c story, 2-parter.

x-men: evolution of the heart by slickboy444
PG13 - romance/drama. AU on how the x-men came to be. major jott and kurtty. scott, jean, kurt, kitty, evan, and rogue have all had horrible lives. see how they ban together and become the future x-men with the help of charles xavier. COMPLETE!

your star by coin blank
PG-13 - romance/friendship. kurt and amanda are in shallow water but kitty and lance couldn't be happier. remy is being his normal charming self but how long can rogue resist him? will jamie finally gain an ally? kurt/amanda, lance/kitty, kurt/kitty, remy/rogue, others.